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2005-05-21 14:33

Hi all
think this is a verry nice script..
I`m thinking of using it for a computer store, but i only mis one thing.. is there a adon for, or wil it be made in the future..

The thing is miss is a Configurator.. So that i get for example a clean list with pull down menu`s that ppl can configurate there own pc system from the items of the data base..

Grtzzz Jason


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2005-05-22 13:20

WELL you can try to do things with the Attribute plugin.

lets say there is a PC you sell called PC 1 basic.

Create a Attribute with the options....
1 attr. group for Memory
1 attr. group for HD
1 attr. for .......

Add a product: PC1 with it's basic features.
AND select alle the Attributes you just made....

good luck.......

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