discount according to the order


Avatar: Dandi19876095

2012-08-19 18:34

Hi...I am using QC 4.1 and need one functionality...

If somebody put to basket some think that cost more than 1000 CZK -> he gets discount 10%.... 2000 CZK = 20%, 3000 CZK and more = 30%....

Has anybody idea abou this?

Excelent think can be if when in basket will be somethink more than in basket will be add new "product" "sale" with negative price...

For example basket:

Think 1 400 CZK
Think 2 700 CZK
Sale 10% -110 CZK


» Quick.Cart v4.x



Avatar: boboo

2012-08-20 16:29

Yes, it is possible to do.
But it will take a bit of time.

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