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Avatar: tevart

2012-07-26 10:16


Has anyone tried integrating Facebook Login button to Quick.Cart.4 ?

Thank you

» Quick.Cart v4.x

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2012-07-26 12:07

give more details. why to login button on facebook. for what?


Avatar: tevart

2012-07-26 12:24

Idea is, that users can login to QC without registration if they have Facebook account. From what i've seen on other websites, you just press login and give access to this login app in your fb account when requested. After that you are logged in to this website the same way you are logged in facebook.



Avatar: lanaprovazky

2012-07-26 22:21

I actually tried it once to integrate the Quick.Cart v4.x, but with any of success. I couldnĀ“t make it work. So, if there is someone knowin this, I would highly appreciate it as well...


Avatar: tevart

2012-07-28 11:34

lanaprovazky: How far did you came? Maybe together we can make it work....with the help of treewood ;)

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