Getting rid of <br />?


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2005-05-13 14:32


I've noticed that a my HTML content is having the n replaced with <br />. How can I stop this? Its prooving a real PITA, as it messes up my XHTML formatting :(

For example;


..gets converted to;

<table><br /> <tr><br /> <td></td><br /> <td></td><br /> </tr><br /></table>

...which is no good for me :(

TIA, and thanks for a great product!




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2005-05-21 13:24

I also have this problem when inserting an iframe

<iframe frameborder='0' height='600' width='550' src='http://www.MYWEBSITE.htm'><ilayer src='http://www.MYWEBSITE.htm'><p>This text will only display if your browser does not support IFRAMEs. Please go to<a href='http://www.MYWEBSITE.htm'>About Us</a></p></ilayer></iframe>

and also when inserting XHTML is there another way to insert text rather than the built in html editor? as its now getting annoying


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2005-05-22 13:23

mmm you can use Firefox is some cases better and do html handcoding for in firefox the HTMLAREA is not working.

STILL i asked this Q some time ago but i have not heard of a solution to this problem.. or someone has explained why this is happening....

I didn;t found out so if someone could please post something about this??


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