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2005-05-11 21:43

hi ppl

i was wondering if it's possible to creat some kind of login section in this cart.
what i would like to do is to have a few categories - but 1 2 3 will be seen by client X and 4 5 6 will be seen by client Y
i do this because i have diffrent prices for diffrent clients so i have to creat 2 carts for them ( i have 100's of clientss) so i will be our of web sapce like that
i was wondering if i can play some how maybe with the location of the cart's database so each client will see his databse but could not find a way to manage that so far
i can restrict ppl with .htaccess if that helps
thank you



Avatar: Tom

2005-06-27 14:52

Did you get answer to your question?

I also have many clients at 3 different pricing levels and didn;t know how to solve this problem other than create a seperate cart for each.

Let me know if you solved this problem.




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