Several things to add to site - Need Programmer


Avatar: tomkat88

2012-01-10 15:29

Okay, so we are moving along with a Quick Cart solution and have arrived at a spot that requires further help. Below are the basic details of what I need. If you feel you are capable of doing the work, please send me a message through the forum with your price and samples of work. Thanks!

1.) Individual Login - I need clients to be able to log in to a password protected Quick Cart, and then have all of their information autofilled once they go to checkout.

2.) Available Quantities Shown throughout site - On list view of all products I need Available Quantity to be visible. At any point in using the site, I need every product to have an available quantity easily viewable.

3.) Adjusted quantity for orders placed - if an order is approved, I need the quantity to be updated in the inventory automatically

4.) Error message for over order - if a user orders more of an item than the current quantity available, I need an error message or some way to tell the user that they are ordering more than available.

5.) Photos for products - in both list and product view, I need photos to be available for the products

» Quick.Cart v3.x


Avatar: baron_jon

2012-01-10 17:00

Quick.Cart.Ext has all you need and even more


Avatar: tomkat88

2012-01-11 16:34

Thank you baron_jon, I chekced out Quick.Cart EXT and it definitely seems to cover everything I need.

Can anyone tell me more about their experience with EXT? I am looking to see if:

#1.) User login - I want the site to be inaccessible unless you are a user. Preferably a popup window for login, but I can deal with a landing page that requires you to login before anything is accessible.

#2.) Purchase and implementation - will my current site be changed once I purchase the full version?

Any help is once again appreciated, thanks.


Avatar: baron_jon

2012-01-11 16:52

About ext version you should ask via Opensolution email only. I can help you with few features, but firstly you should buy ext version and try to do something by yourself or ask opensolution guys (they offers 6 months support)

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