LinkToOrder for QC 4.2


Avatar: Ludva

2012-01-03 09:28

Hi, I installed the plugin from QC linkToOrder for version 4.x (I have 4.2) and in the confirmation email does not link to me for observation.

He did not know if you have someone in what may be a problem?

» Quick.Cart v4.x

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2012-01-03 18:44

try to install again ... this plugin works ok ...


Avatar: Ludva

2012-01-05 19:02

Hello, I tried again to install the plugin on a clean version add.4.2, and 4.2 and for me this plugin still does not work fully.

Everything works as it should, but to not put my email link, so the customer sees only a link to complete your order.

Probably should be placed somewhere else function to display also his link in the mail.

Please advice. Thank you.


Avatar: Makaron

2012-03-05 21:44

Also in my opinion this plugin doesn't work ok.
@Ludva: Edit file core/orders.php function sendEmailWithOrderDetails() and after line:

$oTpl TplParser::getInstance( );

add this one:

$oPage Pages::getInstance( );

and in the same function after line:

$aData $this->throwOrder$iOrder );

add this:

$sKey md5$iOrder.$aData['sFirstName'].$aData['iTime'] );
$aData['sOrderUrl'] = 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].str_replace'//''/'dirname$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ).'/'.$oPage->aPages[$GLOBALS['config']['order_page']]['sLinkName'] ).html_entity_decode('&sKey=').$sKey;

After this changes just edit file templates/orders_print.tpl and in block ORDER_EMAIL_BODY change variable $sOrderUrl to $aData[sOrderUrl]

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