New freeware plugin - linkToOrder v0.1 for QC v4.x

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2011-11-08 11:22

We've created new freeware plugin to Quick.Cart v4.x.

Plugin adds possiblity to check order status by clicking special prepared URL.
This link will display in order print page and it will be sent in email with order details.

You should know HTML and PHP basics to install this plugin.

Check out this plugin here:,en,18.html?sDir=Quick.Cart/plugins

Good luck!


Avatar: boboo

2011-11-08 15:06

Nice plugin, but...
You use:
<a href="$sOrderUrl" target="_blank">

I mean: target=_blank. It gives an error by W3C.
Did you forget a smart js function targetBlank() ?
Instead of the 'target'
you can use:
<a href="$sOrderUrl" class="new-window">

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2011-11-08 16:33

boboo - yes thank you ... i forget that target="_blank" is not valid :)


Avatar: openzibi

2011-11-08 20:16

boboo - Sorry but I love "target="_blank" !
W3C will be love it in the future again...
We dont't use IE6. We use modern Firefox8, Chrome with tabs.

For" the enemies" of the _blank:

a[target="_blank"] {
padding-right: 16px;
display: inline-block;
background: url('img/new_window.png') center right no-repeat;

hosting-domeny-strony -


Avatar: boboo

2011-11-08 21:38

every change i do on my page, i finish with pushing it through the w3c validator. and work around so long, till the result is green. i love green :-)


Avatar: openzibi

2011-11-08 22:26

boboo - The future belongs to html5:

"The target attribute for the a and area elements is no longer deprecated, as it is useful in Web applications..."

hosting-domeny-strony -


Avatar: boboo

2011-11-09 10:03

I believe in the future ;-)
But for today,
as long the "target" attribute will spit out the error on w3c, as long i will not use it.
One day, anytime... in the future.


Avatar: tomtomtom

2012-01-29 14:29

Presne podle navodu. Link to order status se objevi po odeslani objednavky, ale na adrese z linku se zobrazi obsah objednavky, ale status se nezobrazi. V emailu s potvrzenim objednavky se ani link nezobrazi. Poradite mi prosim co delam spatne? Dekuji


Avatar: Makaron

2012-03-05 21:44

Also in my opinion this plugin doesn't work ok.
@Ludva: Edit file core/orders.php function sendEmailWithOrderDetails() and after line:

$oTpl TplParser::getInstance( );

add this one:

$oPage Pages::getInstance( );

and in the same function after line:

$aData $this->throwOrder$iOrder );

add this:

$sKey md5$iOrder.$aData['sFirstName'].$aData['iTime'] );
$aData['sOrderUrl'] = 'http://'.$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'].str_replace'//''/'dirname$_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] ).'/'.$oPage->aPages[$GLOBALS['config']['order_page']]['sLinkName'] ).html_entity_decode('&amp;sKey=').$sKey;

After this changes just edit file templates/orders_print.tpl and in block ORDER_EMAIL_BODY change variable $sOrderUrl to $aData[sOrderUrl]

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