Credit cards on a secure server.


Avatar: Mike

2004-11-02 20:46

I love how simple quick cart is but is it possible to take credit card details (possibly in orders_delivery.tpl?) with the page taking them on a secure server, then store half the credit card number on the server and email me the other half so I can then process them manually?

BTW I am pretty much useless at php so an idiots guide would be nice :)



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2005-01-26 21:05

yes, this would be nice - it's the only thing i see that the cart is missing - and easy way to direct to a secure server page. please advise!


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2005-01-27 10:04

Check the link for my shop..... Ive added credit card feilds. Directs to SSL too.

Code is for sale, see also this pic..


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2005-01-27 10:06

Click image here:


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2005-01-28 04:46

adding the credit card field is not really a problem....
my question is what measures did you take to secure the cc information while storing it on your host?

are you running the card info through an algorithm before storing them on the server?


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2005-01-28 11:50

Its stored on a seperate 128bit secure server, then sent back......... Un-stealable.. Works a treat.


Avatar: JP

2005-08-15 00:47

Mals Ecommerce offers a free secure service for taking and storing card details.

Can anyone write a plugin for it?

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