Small Change to Attribute Plugin!!!


Avatar: antonionereu

2011-06-18 16:12

Hi, i need a small change in attributes, so a user can define a "name" during the select of that attribute..

I'll explain.

Ex. a customer needs to personalize one article, with his own name, then, i will write it under attribute..

Is it possible?


» Quick.Cart v3.x


Avatar: baronjon

2011-06-19 10:46

Don't ask in this forum anything related with PAID version of the script. Ask developers to help you for some bucks.


Avatar: beholder

2011-06-20 12:25

I've made the exact change for another dude, they make T-shirts with any prints and needed custom attribute names for that. If QC devs are not willing to make this change for you, ask me on my personal email. I will not share any part of non-public plugin on a public forum.


Avatar: boboo

2011-06-21 07:29

To add text attribute is not a problem. But, Antonio, if you want to give the customer a possibilty to add a picture or file with attributes, than look here:,46
Add a t-shirt or 'pod-recznik' to basket (choosing color and size first ;-) add some other things form the shop and go to order page (clicking on koszyk in left menu). There you will see, that these products (and only these [t-shirt and towel]) have a possibility to upload a file.
Some more details you can see here:,37
In the orders list you see the attachment sign by orders with files, and in orders detail view the list with files (of course linked to them). QC- & QCMS-plugins

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