Avatar: kondrei

2010-07-29 13:33

Can anyone explain me how to use jQuery scripts in Quick.Cart?
I made this page (http://ecoromsrl.magnetmedia.ro/harta/harta.html ) and i used three files with *.js and one file *.css.
Where to put these files to work.
I put them in /files/ but is not working.

Thanks for help.

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Avatar: Makaron

2010-07-29 15:57

There was already topic about jQuery on this forum. Please try to search for it.

Mak-Web.pl - Modyfikacje skryptów Q.Cart i Q.Cms


Avatar: kondrei

2010-07-30 08:00

Can you send me a link about jQuery on this forum, or else?
I try to search but i have this result:

http://www.google.pl/search?hl=pl&ie=ISO-8859-2&oe=ISO-8859-2&num=20&q=jQuery%20%20site:opensolution.o rg/Quick.Cart/forum/

All of them are in Portugese language and i do not understand nothing.

With google translate I realise that is not refers to my answers.

Thanks a lot!

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