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2005-04-09 13:20


Just found the scripts (QuickCart) and I would like to use it on my web-site.

Everything is going okay... download, upload to provider etc...

I did CHMOD the directories and files as described and all does work but very often the script is asking me to login again.

It also happens that when I login into the admin-section it shows "Logged in, wait..." and after a view seconds I have to fill it in again... sometimes three to four times. When I logged in and want to change something it asks me again to login.

You can find the Forum and Cart at:
login: test
pass: test

What is going wrong? I'm using Microsoft Windows XP Home SP2 (Dutch), Explorer 6.0.2xx and Mozilla FireFox 1.0.1.

Is it possible that it has something to do with the version of PHP on my Providers server? They use version: 4.3.10?

Hope you can help me so I can use this usefull script.




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2005-04-09 23:46

If you have ftp access check for any htaccess files in directories, or maybe FrontPage extensions (if installed).
Some of these security settings could have a very short lease of granted user acces attributed??



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2005-04-11 09:07

Hi Damsbo,

Thanks for the answer but that's not it!

There are no htaccess files and/or Frontpage extensions.

Someone else an idea?



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2005-04-11 10:19

You might want to investigate the settings that your ISP has stipulated for session cookies. I'm no expert but it seems to me that certain PHP settings can have an effect on the application's ability to use sessions: session.use_cookies, session.cookie_lifetime and session.cookie_secure may well have an effect if different to the default values, especially as QC relies on the session cookie and does not use the SID in URLs.


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2005-05-06 21:44

Just wondering if you could post the solution as I am having a similar problem.




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2005-09-19 11:38

enable cookies in your browser
ie6 default has these disabled

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