Quick.Cart v3.4-rc1 - NON STABLE version - released!

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2009-06-03 20:03

New Quick.Cart v3.4 - release candidate 1.

You can get this version from download here:

You can test this version here:

Changes in this version are here:

If You will find bug, something unclear then write it here please!

2. We will add update information when stable version will be released
3. We dont know sure when stable version will be released. It depends from users and test. Maybe in 2 weeks.


Avatar: beholder

2009-06-03 22:03

The search bugs were not fixed at all, they were reported a while ago:

Also, the inplementation of change2Latin function should change, since it causes problems to many users. The definition of the character fields should be moved into the lang/xx.php file, where the user can easily find&change them. If this is still left unchanged, it will cause more mischief. Check here, for example:

This problem is very abundant is CZ and SK region, almost every QC website I stumble upon has it. These guys have windows-1250 encoding in their lang file and therefore function change2Latin() in libraries/Trash.php doesn't work, because the whole file Trash.tpl is encoded in UTF-8. URLs generated in Quick Cart have čąťžąčáýľ characters in them. It also causes unrecognized characters in email when they are not defined in the ASCII translation table in the function.

Please let me know what you think..

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2009-06-04 08:04

beholder - thank you... we will test this what you wrote and if this will be bug then we will fix it in next version. this search problem that you wrote is something new for us. i didn't know that... maybe when you wrote that i missed this topic :/

could you give me some information why CZ or SK use windows-1250. QC is written in UTF-8 and why dont use this encoding?


Avatar: beholder

2009-06-04 15:04

hmm, actually I have no idea why we use that encoding. Perhaps UTF-8 is not that widespread here and UTF-8 incompatible programs still rule.
I remember using Windows-1250 encoding in lang files since QC ver. 0.24. That's like since january 2005.

But it's not just users from our region and it's not just problem with other than UTF-8 encoding. Even some users of UTF-8 have a problem with foreign characters not properly set up in the translation table in change2Latin function. This table better be moved to the lang file itself (be it en.php or lang_en.php). Look at this guy again to see what I am talking about, he is using UTF-8 and still doesn't know what to do:

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