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Avatar: beholder

2008-05-25 02:21

I usually don't spam forums with messages like this, but this one really got my attention: I started coding more often recently, so I decided to set me up some decent syntax highlighting editor that would have the same or better functionality than Win32Pad. I used Win32Pad until now as a lightweight editor for text files and some coding, but it lacked syntax highlighting and serious programming focus.

To my surprise, out of three various alternatives (Vim, ConText and Notepad++) I kept only one: Notepad++, and it is AWESOME!
I found Vim just too cumbersome. ConText, on the other hand, is a good editor, but it is currently not actively developped and I couldn't find a way how to enable some things that I am just used to.

Notepad++ took ONE DAY to set up, but that day was worth it. In the end I have a relatively lighweight text editor that I can use for some serious programming and web design efforts (think syntax highlighting and HIGHLY customisable). I can't even name all the good features it has. If you use just some lightweight text editor to edit your PHP, HTML and CSS files YOU MUST TRY NOTEPAD++!! You will love it. Best of all, it's open source, totally free and actively developed.

That's it, I am just so happy with it. Over and out.


if you guys decide to try it and you get into some problems setting it up, let me know in this thread, I'll give you a helping hand.

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2008-05-25 13:24

Thanks. Installed it, replacing my old EditPadPro. Cool stuff indeed!

Q.C v3 -


Avatar: beholder

2009-03-11 01:42

ALL reserved keywords for PHP and JavaScript here!

Hi guys, I have just announced the following on the notepad++ user forum and thought I'd update all of you on this too:

I am actually still learning PHP and JavaScript and I found it quite confusing that Notepad++ doesn't have implemented support for syntax highlighting of all keywords of these languages. Neither could I find some complete listing of these keywords so I had to resort to search through the internet.

Ultimately, I have discovered some lists for PHP and JavaScript languages. These lists contain most, if not all, functions and reserved keywords used in both languages. Beginners in these languages usually know that for example a function or a property they desire exists, but they don't know its correct name. This way they don't have to consult manual too often, they can just write the function name and see if it is recognized as 'reserved'. It also allows for better orientation in sources, since you clearly see what is reserved and what is a user's object(+properties).

I have no idea where I have the PHP keywords list from but here are almost all functions of this language:
Since Notepad++ doesn't actually allow all of these keywords to be inputted into the user defined keywords box, you must edit the Application Data/stylers.xml and in PHP section change one specific <WordsStyle> tag to this:
<WordsStyle name="WORD" styleID="121" fgColor="005E00" bgColor="FEFCF5" fontName="" fontStyle="1" fontSize="" keywordClass="instre1"> PUT ALL OF THE NEW KEYWORDS HERE </WordsStyle>
This WORKS! it is tested.

Now JavaScript. It is even more confusing language than PHP, because it is CASE SENSITIVE and has many classes, elements, etc. from Document Object Model. Therefore many specific keywords. Since Notepad++ doesn't allow us to create classes etc. in in-built style configurator for javascript, I just added all of them to the user keywords box (this time it's not too many for the box so it works). I have had a dillema with this, since some DOM objects (like "a". "i" etc.) could sometimes be used as a variable, but I put them in anyway. Here is the list:



Avatar: Clod

2015-07-07 14:01

I prefer to use Codelobster.
This free editor works very fast and has great autocomplete for all languages.

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