Number of items in stock?


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2005-02-23 12:53

The only thing missing in this shopping cart is a possibility to add number of items in stock. I will only have a small quantity of each item and therefore this would be a feature I can't live without. I would also preferr an MySQL-database cause I think it feels safer (but that's me ;)).

Any news on any "item stock" feature?



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2005-06-07 18:26

I need this feature too!



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2005-06-22 20:41

I agree! Items in stock would be a nice feature.

If I get the time in the future maybe I'll do it myself.

I'm very happy with the flat file db but wonder if SQLite could be an alternative see

Its built-in in PHP and conforms to normal SQL standard. The data is stored in ordinary files, the same way as it is done now. This keeps the complexity on the same level as today.

If MySQL would be requested in the future most of the job has already been done by implementing support for SQLite.

Does anyone know if has feature priority list and some sort of release plan?

cheers /R

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