Quick.Cart v3.0-rc1 - NON STABLE version - released!

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-29 11:08

New Quick.Cart v3.0 - release candidate 1.

You can get this version from download here:

You can test this version here:

Changes in v3.0 are here:

If You will find bug, something unclear then write it here please!

2. Update script from Quick.Cart v2.x to Quick.Cart v3.x we will add after stable version will be released.
3. We dont know sure when stable version will be released. It depends from users and test. Maybe in 1 or 1.5 month.


Avatar: beholder

2008-03-01 03:29

Finally released. Will be testing this weekend.

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-03-01 08:14

beholder - please create list of bugs and put this list here :)


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2008-03-01 15:18

In this version...
Can it have contact page which have form mail
like last version for aloow client send e-mail to admin



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2008-03-01 17:42

First report here:

After renaming every file that begins with "pl_" to "hu_" and changing config.php I'm trying to modify the default language in admin.php from en to hu (hungarian) so the message says:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: hu_pages_files() in /home/d/domain/public_html/domain/shop/core/files.php on line 163

Good news: hungarian translation of QC is ready!


Avatar: beholder

2008-03-03 00:05

Is there a db files description (since they changed from last version)? I am going to test on real-world data but I must first modify the filling engine, since I generate db data with a custom php script.

I need something like "v3.x_db.png", didn't find any on site.

Also, please include a full changelog with every new version/distribution.

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-03-03 09:02

dekvainz - in this version contact form is disabled.

FoTam74 - use like in Quick.Cms. If you want add new language then go to admin area and add new one. More info:

Thanks for translation but this is not final version

beholder - we added database schemat to Quick.Cart/other/v3.x_db.png in download.
Full changelog is not possible. Everything was changed. Maybe better is to give You what is not new?


Avatar: beholder

2008-03-03 09:07

db scheme >> thank you!

changelog >> I just meant that the changelog.txt file was not available in the RC1 distribution zip file. I had to navigate to this forum again once I downloaded the zip with QC 3.0 RC1. It was a minor inconvenience, though.


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2008-03-04 13:17

Flash banner for quick cart 3.0. Will be?

Change logo trought admin?



Avatar: Oxana

2008-03-04 21:15

Great thanx for OpenSolution team!

Amazing, seems finally meet "CMS of my dream" for representative web-sites :)
(for such integration CMS+catalogue even ready be patient to aggressive-red decoration in admin-panel instead of genius-minimalism in oldest versions)

Wishes for v3.0, which are necessary in my opinion.

1. If price =0 --> Price & Add2Basket should be invisible in Product listing and in Product page
(generally glad of opportunity create catalogue as for product be on sell as just portfolio of products without price, but now user can add to cart product with price =0)

2. If Product listing had only one page --> Pagination should be invisible

3. Admin/Orders/Edit/Products and payment/add product to order
a) please add alert of required fields
b) also so useful if after "add NEW product to order" add drop-down list to chose from product that already stored db (ID Name) to auto-fill

4. Admin/Pages (admin.php?p=p-list) and Admin/Products (admin.php?p=products-list)
so useful if items which status is invisible had light-gray color (like in Q.CMS-1.2)

5. Admin/Product/Product`s Edition (admin.php?p=products-form&iProduct=)
please separate View and SEO to different tabs as in PagesForm(admin.php?p=p-form&iPage=)

- Are you planning in v3.0 add "sort by category" in admin.php?p=products-list like in oldest versions)?
- Is it true pity news about "contact form" ? :)

Ones more, thanx for perfect work!

Wishes for next edition or version.
- Expand/Collapse page listing in admin.php?p=p-list
(please do it for editors who have web-sites with more than hundred pages)
- Highlight searching words in search result page
(users like this so much)
- Checkboxes "and for child" for Subpages,Themplate,Theme,Banner, (admin.php?p=p-form&iPage=) - all child pages inherit parent's set by default until hadn't another sets.
(this for designers)

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-03-06 10:27

Oxana - thanks for suggestions. We will check them and maybe we will add some of them to new version ...

About questions:
1. No there will not be sort by category. If users will report us that it is "must be" then we will make it in Quick.Cart v3.1
2. Contact form is deleted from Quick.Cart v3.0 because it is based on Quick.Cms v2.0 and in this script contact form is in paid version. Sorry but it must be.

wewior (OpenSolution)

Avatar: wewior

2008-03-06 10:42

Thanks for opinion Oxana, i have few comments:
ad. 4.
there is status checkbox in list so that is not require function, but we will think if it will be helpfull

ad. 5.
products may have more tabs than pages i next versions so i think that there is no need to separate it

One more time thanks for your time and opinion


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2008-03-06 13:14

can you make a fat version? of 3.0 ? or for older versions but not 1.4


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2008-03-07 01:11


I´m going crazy. I cannot delete logo backround. I have already tryied everithithing a and spend 30 hours with it. I would like to buy this program. Please for help. Thank you. Please also for information if there will be swf files support.



Avatar: Oxana

2008-03-07 03:15

@treewood, thank You for answers
- 1. Ok, I'll be first user who report - "sort by category" in admin "must be" :)
(if catalogue has bit complex cross-category structure this really helpful to manage them)

@wewior, thank You for comments
- 4. Sure, it isn't require because of checkbox it just do admin-interface more friendly and easy.
- 5. In that case, is it be possible hide all "Views" for Editor-role in paid version (with multiadmin module)?


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2008-03-07 08:30

efloor - First of all, please write about problems with modyfications in new topic, as this topic is about your opinions, bugs in v3.0 of Quick.Cart. I'm not also sure which background under logo you have in mind, so please send maybe a screen and show which background you want to change (this closely under logo or this a little bit transparent)?


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2008-03-07 14:15

Hey treewood, can I suggest something? :)
A different version like a "Rent.Cart".

When add some fields like:
Quantity, when you rent a movie or car for example, and this number isn't available, the product can be invisible.

Just an idea.. a thought.. :)


Avatar: jeroenz20

2008-03-07 14:32

Please also add to the TODO list the Lightbox image popups.

I mean by that, the same as in Quick.CMS.

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-03-07 22:23

jeroenz20 - we have litebox in Quick.Cart


Avatar: beholder

2008-03-08 16:24

A language bug in English translation:

Order's Edition, Payment's Edition -- this is an entirely wrong way to put it (I bet it sounds great in Polish, but in English edition=wydanie).
You wanted to write: "Edit order" or "Order editing", even "Editing of order" is OK. The same with "Edit payment" or "Payment editing".

I may find more some more language bugs later..

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