Quick.Cart v3.0 beta - released!

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-15 21:41

New Quick.Cart v3.0 beta released.

Changes are here (if someone is good in english, please translate better that we):

You can test this version here:

Please read changeLog and test whole administration options. Test design in different browsers, test WAI etc.

If You will find bug, something unclear then write it here please!

1. There is no download version of v3.0 beta.
2. Next release will be candidate and will be available in download.
3. We dont know when stable version will be released. Maybe in 2 months from now...


Avatar: grecords

2008-02-16 12:39

When I filled in the order form, everytime is written Alert: Choose delivery and payment method, but it is choosed

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-16 16:46

grecords - what browser You use ?


Avatar: sepo

2008-02-16 17:11


Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'config/lang_sk.php' (include_path='.:/home/lib:/home/conf/lib:/usr/share/fpdf:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php') in /home/users/opensolution/public_html/Quick.Cart/v3.0/admin.php on line 9


Avatar: idaryl

2008-02-16 22:05

The layout, admin and interface are eerily like Quick CMS

- however, (same as grecords) after you add an item to the basket, fill in the form (all fields) choose a payment (they are radio buttons - ** all called sPaymentCarrier )

System details MacG4 10.4.6
- Safari 3.0.4 the orderform page does not foward - Lightbox works
- Firefox 2.0 the orderform page does foward - Lightbox does not work

System details
Dell - 64x2 1.9GHz - Vista - Home Premium
- IE 7.0 the orderform page does not foward - Lightbox works


Avatar: beholder

2008-02-18 00:25

This is too much to check in just a demo.

I need to install this version, customize it and only then I will start to see the bugs or incomplete features.

I guess it's too much of a quantum leap since 2.2. Virtually everything changed.


Avatar: beholder

2008-02-18 00:46

There is no contact form, though. At least I didn't find one. Is this a feature or a bug?

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-18 08:44

idaryl - thanks for reporting. we fixed this forwarding. please check it again.

beholder - about it will be in paid version. Now You can only test on server.


No avatar

2008-02-18 13:28


I found a text not translated to english at:

its a link that adds a row for additonal product in products and payments

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-18 13:54

5py - thanks. fixed :)


No avatar

2008-02-18 20:56

Well I couldn't find a bug yet, but still I want to say that the version 3 looks pretty sweet and seems fast. I tried it in Safari on a Mac and everything seems to work.
The only thing I miss in the admin area is a place for easy use of plugins such as Wordpress.

But still keep up the good work!


Avatar: beholder

2008-02-18 23:24

I don't get this 3.0 version. Is it still open-source?

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-19 07:31

beholder - please read more carefull what i wrote before. It will be available in download but not beta version. You must wait for release candidate.

Shepstar - thank You for testing


Avatar: beholder

2008-02-19 13:12

ok, thanks for explanation.


No avatar

2008-02-20 20:17

Today I had some more time to test the Shop. What I like best is that its very simple and extremly fast.

One thing I found was I placed an order but it never showed in the back end and I didn't receive an email with an order. Don't know if that is because it's a demoversion or if this was an error.

I'm not really sure what the "Save basket" in the basket does, i pressed it and it loaded and nothing happend, so I'm not sure if theres a function.

I tested it for about 30-45 minutes but couldn't find anything else even by clicking on everything i found. So I guess its working pretty fine.

The backend design is nice but perhaps you would be interested in a new design, as a graphic designer I could help you out if you're interested.

So good work again.

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-21 07:28

Shepstar - You will find some description in "basket" page:
You can save your shopping cart for 72 hours by clicking 'Save basket' button.

Thank You for help and suggestion. I am interested in design You proposed but i am sure that You are not cheap for as from Poland.


No avatar

2008-02-21 12:52

Congratulations! Very clean, beautiful admin interface and fast performance. I like the changes.

Got questions of course: Upper right corner, "Products in basket" feature. No more a third-party plugin? It will be available with the new official download for free? Is it possible to show the amount of money too?

One thing, perhaps a bug... Order finished, it says: "Order was saved and sent". But still on the upper right corner, "Products in basket" not nulled, even browsing through more and more pages. Only nulled after clicking the "Show basket" button.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Win XP SP2, Firefox 2.0.12.

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2008-02-22 07:25

FoTam74 - thanks

1. Yes it will be free and it iss possible to show amount but not in standard version. We will add "how to" make it.

2. Thanks for reporting. Fixed


No avatar

2008-02-25 14:22

Good morning :)
I was testing this new version and I live very much. If I help including a new language (pt-br) @ admin interface of this new version, this will be expire or something? I hope not. lol.
That's why I stopped. :)


No avatar

2008-02-27 10:19

Zbyt łatwo mi poszło skutecznie zawiesić sklep w wersji 3 :(

Nie powinno się dać usunąć wszystkich języków... bo jak usunąłem to już przestał działać...


A już chciałem kupić...

Podobnie jest w wersji 2.2 (testowałem)- przypisanie kategorii czy produktu samego do siebie powodowało znikanie produktu lub kategorii i to tak skutecznego, że nagle zniknęły mi wszystkie produkty :(

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