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2007-01-13 14:13

Hi all,

We would like to inform you that we have developed a bridge that allows QuickCart to be used as part of the Elxis CMS. Elxis CMS is released as Free Open Source Software.

We choose QuickCart, because it is flexible, easy to use and administer, and uses files instead of a DB.

Through www.elxis.org, we provide freely the:
- Bridge component
- the bridge for QuickCart
- a slightly modified version of QuickCart (please see bellow for modifications made)

- Compatibility with UTF-8 (Report any errors/problems occured).
- Multilinguism. Elxis Team changes made posible each visitor to be able to switch language to his/her desired language. Quick cart follows Elxis language.
- All plugins pre-installed
- Plugins Translations
- Don't show a plugin when it is disabled by the Plugin Manager
- Don't allow a visitor to directly access the cart. Only allowed through the component Bridge.
If you want to disable this open Quick Cart's index.php and comment lines 12 to 17.

- English and Greek languages are fully translated.
- For other languages open the related files, if exists, and translate them in you own language if they are not yet translated. Use UTF-8 for encoding!
- Add the language files if you wish to import a new language.
- Language file names should follow Elxis guidelines (see includes/Core/locale.php in Elxis for more. ie russian for Russian, not ru!)

- Unpublishing a Category does not hide the category and it's products from the shop.

Although I (Ilias Antonopoulos, member of the Elxis Team - aka eliasan) is publishing this topic, all the hard word and the credit for this functionality, has to be given to Ioannis Sannos - aka datahell (member of Elxis Team).

Please visit www.elxis.org and check Elxis Directory to get:

- Elxis CMS: (Category Elxis CMS)
- Bridge component (Category Software/Bridges/com_Bridge ver. 1.0)
- Quick Cart (adapted for Elxis) (Category Software/E-commerce/Quick Cart (adapted for Elxis))
- Quick Cart Bridge (Category Software/E-commerce/Quick Cart Bridge)

We hope that this move will help the popularity of QuickCart and Elxis CMS.

Thank you for the hospitality!


Avatar: compie

2007-01-13 19:05

great job, i juse Guppy and putt the shop in a Iframe

i shall trie this one



Avatar: compie

2007-01-13 19:07

mmmmmm this Cms is not Flatfile

i think thats th strengt off this shop


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2007-01-14 07:05

Hi compie,

Indeed Elxis CMS uses a DB. That is the strength of it.
On the other hand QuickCart is a good solution for simple shops. That is the strength of it!


Avatar: compie

2007-01-14 13:23

i am working on i to fit the Quickcart in the code from Guppy


thats a lot off work, for now i have gett it working in a I-frame


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