Currency conversion for the QuickCart Team - Plugins


Avatar: idaryl

2006-12-16 22:11

I've noticed quite a few people are asking about these plugins -- [ ] but... have no idea how much they cost in their native currency - I've made this currency converter (using the latest conversion rates I can find) It converts from American Dollar - Australian Dollar - Brazilian Real - British Pound - Canadian Dollar - Chinese Yuan - Danish Krone - Euro - Hong Kong Dollar - Indian Rupee - Japanese Yen - Malaysian Ringgit - Mexican Peso - New Zealand Dollar - Norwegian Kroner - Singapore Dollar - South African Rand - South Korean Won - Sri Lanka Rupee - Swedish Krona - Swiss Franc - Taiwan Dollar - Thai Baht - Venezuelan Bolivar into the equivilant...

I'm hoping that the QC boys add this to a page in their plugins area - it should help solve a lot of emails and problems concerning pricing structure for them.

Hope this helps

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