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2006-10-05 14:59

hello everyone,
my php skills aren't very good, so i figured out i can ask someone more experienced..
i'm using product attributes plugin for our client's quick cart website.. they are selling martial arts equipment and for clothing size we use product attributes dropdown. however, with the smallest size price being the base size (and bigger sizes have positive offset), i need to include the word FROM before the price in product list and product-more page. costumers are confused and complain.
any ideas or solutions? would be very appreciated
thanks in advance
mirek jahoda


Avatar: Claps

2006-10-06 07:58

stonefire - if productAttributes is enabled, then edit pa.products_list.tpl, pa.products_more.tpl etc. (pages prefixed with pa.xxxxxxx.tpl), and at the end of files locate
// some html and $ prefixed phpvariables code here
// some html and $ prefixed phpvariables code here
These are the portions of the templates that generates the html for formatted prices. Change them adding "FROM" where you want to appear (you'll figure out :) ).


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2006-10-06 11:16

thanks for the answer claps, but i don't think it helps my problem, i already got that far.
however, i need to add FROM only to the products with product attributes drop-out set, not to the product with special price set. i use special price form for discounted products, so think i need something like extra checkbox in the admin product attributes settings and extra lines FORMATTED_ANOTHERSPECIAL_PRICE in that's where i got lost..

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