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2004-12-31 08:39

love the software so far-- i've been really impressed with the simplicity, ease of use, and style. :)

however, with all the separate files that it uses, the template system is a real pain to work with, and a lot of the layout seems hard coded.

would it be possible to do a more modular system, where you could have the general page layout all in one file, and then insert various parts (like the products menu or specific page content) using variables? obviously this is how it already works to some extent, but if you had the basic layout all there in a single file and then little subsections in other files, instead of linearly like they are now, it would make customization a lot easier.

great work!


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2005-12-04 14:20

Would love this feature :) *need it too :) hehe

- Neofix

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