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2006-08-22 16:54


I use Quick.Cart v.1.3
I have no problems to install the shop and it works fine. I only have problems with the htmlMailOrderDetails 2.0 plugin.
I configure all details and will send the e-mails over smtp.
The problemis, that I get no email with the order. The client also get no email.

Maybe someone can help me.

Thank you!


Avatar: theaxe

2006-08-22 23:40

Go in the backend to configuration->plugins . Edit the HtmlOrderDetails and remove the mark in the last field 'Show Email Body and Stop'

or edit plugins\htmlMailOrderDetails\config.php and change the line $config['hmod']['showAndStop'] = true; in false (like this $config['hmod']['showAndStop'] = false;)




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2006-08-23 14:56

Thank you, I did it but I have no access. I got only the default mail from quick cart:

You have received a new order. Login to Administration Panel for details

But no details. I also check the smtp datas and there are no mistakes. all rights are set to 777.


Avatar: Claps

2006-08-23 15:01

Engel800 - You should set ' E-mail new orders to Admin' to ' No'
(Admin->Configursation->E-mail new orders to Admin ) and if htmlMailOrderDetails is enabled from plugin manager and correctly configured it should work.


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2006-08-23 16:00

No success! I got no mails. If the e-mail address is the same like in the main configuration I did make no mistakes. I also install the Paypal-code, maybe that's the reason.


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2006-08-28 03:21

Solution is detailed here ...

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