PHP-code in HTML-editor?


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2004-12-22 20:03

Can I use PHP-code in the HTML-editor?


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2004-12-22 20:42

Have you tried?


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2004-12-22 22:30

Yes. I have tried to use the "<?PHP
?>" in the html-editor. When I use this code nothing shows on the page...


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2005-01-01 13:08

I tried to do the same, also with Cutenews. Doesnt work...Treewood, can you help us ? Thanx!

Oh, forgot....


no name boy

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2005-01-16 12:29

Try NuSphere phpED. you will be amazed... ;)


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2005-06-01 04:35

Well no_name_boy I looked at NuSphere phpED it looks like a nice program, but how does it help include php within a content page?

Or is there a way to include an IFrame?

Does anyone know?


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2005-06-01 08:19

The HTML Editor is like Ronseal - "It does exactly what is says on the tin"!
You can't put PHP inside content fields - it isn't parsed. Its intended for output-only HTML.
Of course you can include an iframe - just write the appropriate HTML code into the content window using a decent browser such as Firefox, which doesn't bring up the HTML editor.

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