QC webshop for sell???


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2006-08-13 20:02

look at this site http://www.mail-net.dk/shop/ he is selling this cart on qxl


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2006-08-14 23:30

powered by Quick.Cart removed???????

wewior (OpenSolution)

Avatar: wewior

2006-08-16 08:20

we send email to them about it, but for now we have no anwer :-(
if someone know that language please mail to qxl.dk and describe it to them because it is breaking license of Quick.Cart


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2006-08-16 10:08

I speak/write the language - Im danish;-)
I'll be more then happy mail them.
Could you write the letter in english and then I'll translate it?

wewior (OpenSolution)

Avatar: wewior

2006-08-16 10:57

just write them that is license breaking by remowing information about authors:
"Program can be modified, however, it is necessity to leave information about origin. You can make it by placing in visible place on site "powered by Quick.Cart" or "powered by Quick.Cms" or "powered by Quick.Forum" text, which should link to http://www.opensolution.org/"
but the one they sells hasnt that link and they wrote that they are its autors...


Avatar: rdc_p2

2007-05-13 18:23

I have by this program from that man, it is no good. and he have removed site. now I use QC v1.4 loaded.

Quick.Cart v1.4 loaded

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