Bulk product upload to v1.3 loaded


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2006-08-09 12:24

Can anyone suggest how to bulk upload products to v1.3 loaded? thanks


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2006-09-29 18:25

I would like to know how to do this too. Some type of script that would be able to tag directories or something.


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2006-10-01 19:05

I think you can use this plugin -


I think when you buy the plugin it comes with the English lang file.


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2006-10-04 03:01

This might be a solution but I can't read whatever language this is written in...I only know english...so now what?


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2006-10-04 09:57

www.translate.pl will help a little. IThe plugin imports/exports product data to a spreadsheet.

However you can use a manual technique such as http://opensolution.org/Quick.Cart/forum/?p=readTopic&nr=2839 as well as search for similar topics on this site to manipulate db/products etc

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