removing the telephone field from quick.cart.tek


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2006-07-24 15:07

This is not meant to be the final word on editing quick.cart by any means..

I have found the 'tek' version of quick.cart to be most useful to me because of the stock function - it's not perfect but it gets at least part way there..

Anyway, I wanted to remove the telephone requirement in the checkout as this is a useless intrusion into the customers' privacy.

refer to : as a starting place


These are two of the files that need to be edited. **DO NOT DELETE ANY CODE**
In making changes; comment out the functions instead. (like this..) /* unwanted code */ )
This way, you can go back and undo your changes without writing code and messing up the syntax.

Go back and test the cart several times, you will likely get errors echoed to the top of the page if there are any problems - make note of the files and lines that need correcting.

I recommend PSPpad for editing php. (freeware)

I am hoping that the originators of this script will create a stock control plugin for the latest build. That would be the most helpful solution.


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