XML export of catalog => need testers


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2006-07-15 23:24

Please ses here:


i named it quck.xmlgen :D

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2006-07-16 07:28

larryonov - nice but maybe You can create it like a plugin?


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2006-07-16 20:25

treewood - mm, i thought about it, but i am only not "sunday" programmer, i dont know nothing about objects, and maybe i would need tutorial to learn kind of writing plugins for qc...


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2006-07-16 20:26

have it somebody tested yet...?


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2006-07-17 00:25

Hi, works fine. Nice work.
maybe you cut the prices after 2 decimal places.
Just a thought.


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2006-07-17 14:48

flo - please write an example for better understanding ;)


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2006-07-19 23:08

Here is an example:


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2006-07-21 22:19

Je to dobre, az na tu cenu bez dane. Pokud mam obchod, kde jsou uvedeny ceny s dani, pocita se spatne dan. To je problem....

cena bez DPH = 565 CZK + 19 % DPH = 107,35 CZK = cena s DPH = 672, 35 CZK

Pokud budu mít v obchodě nastavenou cenu s DPH 672, 35 CZK je v exportu cena 544,60 CZK a to je spatne! Spravne ma byt tech 565 CZK

Take je potreba pocitat s vice druhy dani u ruznych zbozich....Kdo mi s tím poradí ?

Mam Quick.Cart_v1.3 a plugin taxAndDiscount v.2.2, kde. mam tax vypnutou.
Cast exportu:



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2006-07-21 22:52

ja jsem to delal pro shop, kde sou dane zapnuty, dyztak se koukni na radku 108 v tom skriptu, je to:

$price $price_vat - ($price_vat/100*$VAT);

a zkus to nejak poopravit, resp. to prepocitat pro tvuj ucel...


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2007-10-31 20:12

drobny problem bych videl v tom, ze to generuje i vyrobky s atributem neviditelny. a taky to neodstraneni html:-(
ale jinak dobra prace.


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2007-11-01 12:30

Tried it on my shop here and it gave me this:

tool for da best freeware shopping cart quick cart: www.opensolution.org -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------ written by larryonov http://grbac.wz.cz/quick.xmlgen.php lrv@post.cz made in czech republic */ require "config.php"; setlocale(LC_ALL, '$setlocale'); Header("Cache-Control: no-cache"); Header("Pragma: no-cache"); Header("Expires: ".GMDate("D, d M Y H:i:s")." GMT"); ?>

then nothing happened



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2007-11-28 21:56

To use xml export with special function changePolishToNotPolish
(iso convert and more)
Convert & to &amp; !

change xmlgen.php
add after
require "config.php";

this =>
require "../libraries/Trash.php";

add after
$price = $price_vat - ($price_vat/100*$VAT);

$name=str_replace("&", "&amp;", $name);
$name2 = '__'.changePolishToNotPolish($name);
if ($images[$id]=='') $images[$id]='generic.gif';
// please create generic.gif in /products/ ! or change code //

change body.php

to your need (sample)

So this can be used with url rewriting too.

post scriptum : for VAT it's logical to multiply then divide, not divide then multiply, this can give some funny difference, so change this fuction.

Feel free to modify all according your needs !
Excel read it perfectly.
On the same way you can add a sitemap.xml for google.
You can add this function in your admin menu to generate on demand xml output.
However this code is better moved to another folder like plugins.
Of course this need a compatible xml browser (firefox 2+ - ie 6+- ...)

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