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2006-06-29 14:26

Is there any comments plugin available?
I want my users leave comments on goods in my shop.
Is it exists?

Or maybe anybody did it itself. Please, share it.


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2006-07-31 13:58

It would be nice...

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2006-07-31 14:12

poloolop - yes we have that but not for free. if You want contact with us


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2006-07-31 17:45

Then I'm not interested...


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2006-09-08 12:43

Just in case anyone else feels this way about paying for plugins - you should know that some of them are very cheap.

For example, this plugin for customers to leave comments is only 40.00 zł (approximately £7 or $13 according to

There are more that are even cheaper than this too.

(P.S. - I am not a developer trying to sell their product, just a fan of the software!)

London mode Almelo

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2006-09-09 10:25

@ Jo,

Maybe you can publish the list of plug-ins you want to sell??? incl. the prices!!!

Greetzzz London Mode Almelo


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2006-09-10 06:17

Hi! I'm currently developing plugins for QuickCart and QuickCMS. But my siteshop is still underconstruction. Im also a fan of the software. This is soon to be one of my sidejob.

I used to develop CMSimple for fast CMS development, but when i tried this one,
its much simplier and cleaner interface. Although the plugin development is a
little confusing on the 1st try and im still adjusting on modifying the themes/layout.

If anyone would be interested for custom plugins, email me @
just make the subject with QUICKCMS or QUICKCART, ok?

(P.S. - I think opensolutions must open a QuickCMS forums also, dont you think? :) )

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