lastProduct v0.3

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2006-06-28 22:20

I changed plugin "lastProduct" compatible with Quick.Cart v1.3 available in download in plugins directory.

Download file "", unpack on Your local disc, read "howTo.txt" and wish You luck :)


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2006-08-21 16:37

i want it dis- and enable it in my Plugin Manager so I create in
actions_client.php and plugins.php the code:
if(pluginIsEnabled('LastProduct')){ require DIR_PLUGINS.'lastProduct/actions_client.php';}

But I can't enable it
what I do wrong?


Avatar: Claps

2006-08-21 16:38

marik - if(pluginIsEnabled('lastProduct')){ require DIR_PLUGINS.'lastProduct/actions_client.php';}
letter case is important.

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