You have image/picture problem? Read this...


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2006-06-07 11:42

So many people ask this everytime... so, here it is:

If you add product and the image does NOT appear (but product info does), check this list:

- Remember to send ALL in binary mode (not AUTO)
- Check CHMODs (777 -> files, db, config)
- Make sure you have GD2 or higher (check phpinfo)
- Make sure Safe_Mode is OFF! (check phpinfo)

Quick.Cart is great product, at least you fix this goddamn safe_mode problem. Some service providers does have safe_mode on and they don't want turn it off.....


treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2006-06-07 12:04

Acidbarrel - can You give us entry to this server? we will test it. we have turned on save mode and QC works good

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