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2006-05-22 11:26

Is it possible to convert this shop to a real shopping system with options for products? No sellers would create 5 products for one product which has 5 options (color, size, etc.).

A selection for a payment gateway does'nt exist??? No payment options? A PayPal code, found here, works with QuickCart 1.2. A seller needs more payment options and not scripts with editing the core.

It would be helpful to process the order in standard ways like all the other shopping solutions in steps: 1) Basket 2) Address 3) Shipping 4) Payment 5) Checkout 6) Overview + Print function add. PDF export.


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2006-05-22 13:36

To solve your first question product options... search the forum for the 'product attributes' plugin.


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2006-05-22 14:45

Article Option plugin doesn't work because of a non working plugin manager. So it's important that wizzud did something or give all users a message when it is possible to get a full working shop.


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2006-05-22 15:13

An article attributes plugin should not be a plugin, it's a must in every shop. A plugin manager should be installed in a standard installation of QuickCart too.

I think the problem is that QuickCart isn't full ready to work just for a small group of web sites. There are to many plugins and to less options in the standard installation. See my first posting, there are no step by step checkout.

It's important to get the ground system working with a template engine (not tpl files!)

A ground shopping cart must have:

Categories (option to add unlimited sub categories)
Articles with unlimited options (color, size, material, custom made, extra warranty etc.)
Article pictures (different sizes with popup windows)
Checkout process in steps, (basket > address > shipping > payment > checkout + print / pdf functions)
Payment gateways (PayPal, pay via bill, 2Checkout for Credit Cards, moneybookers etc.)
Email-System (newsletter, order status mailings etc.)
Customer system (access for customers, displays order history, shipping address management etc.)
Content pages (terms, policies, contact page with form etc.)
Template engine with standard tags like {BASKET}, {HEADER}, {FOOTER}, {CONTENT}, {MENU} etc. to place the elements of the shop anywhere in a html / css template.
MODS to expand the standard properties of the shopping cart.

It makes sense to work like this because other systems does it and they get a lot of people which use the script and bring it up to the top ten. You are on a good way, but it's a lot to do.

I think that will come...
If you need ideas, I have enough.

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