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2006-04-20 23:38

I've searched the forums but without any luck. I really need an "Items in stock" plugin for Quick.Cart which by the way is a really nice piece of code.

Does anyone have a solution for this?
Or does anyone know of an upcoming plugin?


treewood (OpenSolution)

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2006-04-21 13:42

mathies - if You want only information that You have for example 50 items in stock then put them in description. If You want reserve this items for example someone will buy 50 items and then product will not visible - this solution was not made.


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2006-04-21 14:27

I only have a very small quantity of each item in my shop so the plugin I'm looking for should make items invisible (og marked "sold out") when the stock is empty.
I really need this - does anyone know of other great free shopping solutions like Quick.Cart with this feature.
osCommerce is way too complex for me.



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2006-04-21 14:41

Yep, good idea using "sold out"message on product when quantity=0. I look for bit different script/plugin , not for quantity but for prices without VAT and with VAT on product page.


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2006-04-25 22:10

I'm also having items in small quantities so a stock counter with a "sold out" sign would be great. Would make QC unbeatable for my purposes!

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