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2006-04-14 13:36

Hello fella developers,

I want to write a plugin that will show the four latests products.

I've started by digging the code of lastProduct. But I've realised that the layout it's just a link and an image to a single product.

Since I needed a list I've started digging the core code in order to see how the products are listed. I've got confused. I thought it would be simple, but it's rather complicated.

Before continuing I want your opinion, I'm on the good way anyway? Is there already a plugin I've missed?

Thanks. Treewood, your help would be greatly appreciated if you read this post.


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2006-04-16 15:32

Can't anybody give a clue?


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2006-04-16 16:40

Seems to me you started looking in the right place.
Depends on where you want to display this list of 4 - side column or main body - and how/when you want to trigger its display.


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2006-04-19 18:37

sorry for the long delay wizzud.
I want it to display in main body.


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2006-06-14 03:38

nvictor - you can find the plugin for it in:


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2006-08-25 10:55

I want it in a row
is that possible?

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