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2006-04-12 18:40

How can i adjust the orders time and date, in admin control panel when i view the orders they apear to be made 2 or 3 days later ?



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2006-04-12 19:07

I also have a similar problem, the time is usually 1 hour behind (or ahead, can't remember). Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.


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2006-04-19 08:48

yeah.. i have the same problem...

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2006-04-19 09:46

problem is that server have wrong date. contact with admin to correct this date on their server


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2006-05-05 06:41

The admin dont want to chang it becose the server serves pople from all the world
so it must have a lockl time function like

echo "". date("D d \of M Y -- H:i:s")."\n";

""date("D d \of M Y -- H:i:s")."\n";?>

but how to implement it to the QC
where to put it?

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