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2004-12-05 06:21


got a question i need to change how the money shows in the cart

like 100 dollars must be 250.000 colombian pesos
the problem is wen i type the 250.000 it change it to 250.00
i need that it shows like this 250.000

pls help

treewood (OpenSolution)

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2004-12-06 15:05

change in "core/other.php" function tPrice( );


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2004-12-06 17:45

Hi treewood thank you to guide me with solfing the problem but i had try by changing the sprintf( '%01.2f', $fPrice ); to sprintf( '%01.3f', $fPrice );
but don't work i really not a expert in php i don't know wat to change can you please help me

it have to change from 250.00 to 250.000



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2004-12-06 19:48

got it working already thanks


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2005-05-18 00:45

I've changed line 40 in core/other.php to
return sprintf( '%01.0f', $fPrice );
for the result of no ending zero's at all. Niceness for the swedish "krona".


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2005-05-18 13:39

when I tried to do as you above I gott the error msg

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /customers/

Id did exectly as you guys. whats wrong?


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2005-05-25 00:37

The original content of line 40 is:
return sprintf( '%01.2f', $fPrice );
and you say that you've changed it to:
return sprintf( '%01.0f', $fPrice );
Just weird if that doesn't work.. Just dubblechecked my line 40's. Try again?


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2005-05-25 19:05

What if i want to have price like 250.500,00 ?



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2005-05-25 21:24

i got partial answer

in core/other.php
/* return sprintf( '%01.2f', $fPrice ); */
return number_format($fPrice,2,',','.');

Prices are ok on products, but when adding to cart, i get 5,00 instead of 5.000,00

Also when adding any courier price on checkout, i get 0.00 total

Any idea what to do?...tnx

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