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2006-04-03 11:25

After using & configuring QuickCart for few weeks now (almost daily) I feel that following features are the most essential in the future

- Payment module with proper documentation. The world is full of different payment gateways.. This is the most essential feature?

- Support for downloadable products. Zen-Cart, OsCommerce etc all have this feature but they've made it really complex to use. QuickCart can easily take a lead on this area by making this feature easy to use. All it needs is a secure links to the files associated with a product (with expire feature of coz).

- Admin should be able to choose if payment is required before order is saved into database. This is a must with downloadable products.

- Few custom fields for product data. Eg. user1, user2, user3. In this way we could include catalogue numbers etc with products and/or even use that as a variable in templates. For example music store can put mp3 flash player into template which loads mp3 preview automaticly using this user data as a part of filename.

- User database (even newsletter plugin would make more sense after this not to mention storing address and courier information)

- MySQL support


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2006-04-03 12:30

I agree with u, but on the other side QC is and must remain a simple (not complete) ecommerce sollution....


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2006-04-03 16:51

Perhaps we need to re-think the meaning of simple, if somehow we think it means "not complete."

If QuickCart is not a "complete" solution, then it needs to be a class. It is not a class. It tries to be a complete store.

We should not use "simple" as an excuse to avoid features that would make QuickCart simpler to use.

Which brings us back to subliner's statements:

* a client area and payment module integration are not optional, they are "must haves."

* A newsletter feature is a natural outgrowth of the client area, but not a must.

* A clear plugin structure with documentation is a must.


treewood (OpenSolution)

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2006-04-03 17:02

thanks for suggestions. about documentation i agree. other we think we will not change this situation. i think plugins will solve this problems.

i created so many carts that dont need newsletter or client area. most clients use this carts ones or twice no more.


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2006-04-03 19:40

subliner, Phil > if Zen-Cart and osCommerce have some features you need use them. We don't want to go same way, write "complete" as you said e-commerce solution. Our script is simple and this is its biggest advantage.

All, or almost all of features you mention are available as plug-ins, but unfortunately - only in Poland. We want to give you possibility to buy this plug-ins, but now I can't tell you when it will be possible.


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2006-04-03 22:08

Could you point out the plug-ins? I am especially interested in user integration.
Even if it is not in the right language I am sure many would be interested.


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2006-04-04 03:28

I want to make sure Subliner's other questions do not get lost:

- downloadable products, and admin able to choose if order must be paid for in order to be saved

- custom fields

Regarding MySQL--you've rejected that before. Some users have nevertheless created MySQL versions. Perhaps someone will post about it.



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2006-04-04 10:39

I agree for documentation.

About MySQL, I guess I prefer without since there are other scripts who provide with it. The reason why I use/choose Quick cart before is it doesnt have that feature. some free hosting sites don't cater db...and that's my problem.



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2006-04-04 12:13

Nice to see some converstation here :)

What I really need to implement is a finnish payment gateway which is really popular here.. I could try to do see how Paypal is done and try to copycat that code but I want to be 100% sure it works and not cause unstable shop after I'm done..

Also to be able to get paid before having order saved is something I need to have really really bad. I suppose it's only matter of where you place that paypal code?

I would be more than happy to pay something for this..

Then those custom fields and downloadable products would be really nice extra but not that critical just yet.


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2006-04-04 12:59

When working with the shop I do mis a few important things (see other threads with questions about this from me)

* SSL checkout
* Checkbox for 'must accepting terms and conditions' before sending the data

I would like to run a quick.cart shop but I have nothing with the shop if these things (most important: checkbox) does not come along standard.

Kind regards,




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2006-04-24 12:19

IMHO, the possiblity to create plugins (and the documentation on how to do it) are one of the most important things.

I work with some other "simple" solutions and in these projects the same discussions met to plugins too. So, everyone has the choice to use a small and simple solution and/or to make it a little more complex.

Keep up your good work!

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