Avatar: savan

2006-03-29 12:06


How about AUTORESPONDER? Have you guys ever been thinking about it?

I realize that ARP is quite a big job, but would be very useful! Especially Newsletter and Autoresponder in one soft.

For now I have a smaller suggestion. Plugin for Qick Cart. First idea would be to send couple of automatic e-mails to your clients. First, informing that bought product has been sent, and another, after e.g. a week, inquiring whether he/she is satisfied about received product.
Above is just a simple way to use it.
That would make your relations with clients closer. They would feel appreciated etc :). Marketing rules :)
What do you think?



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2006-03-29 17:26

yeah... a nice ideea...


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2006-08-27 09:50

I'd like to be one of the first testers :)

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