Volunteers to do some testing?


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2006-02-02 19:42

I have beta versions of updated plugins that I would be grateful if someone could test for me - I'm too close to them and might miss something!

Plugin Manager v2.0
Product Attributes v2.0
Template Edit v2.0

Compatible with QC v1.x. Need testing on v1.0 and v1.1, clean versions.
Product Attributes requires Plugin Manager to be installed.

Let me know if you wish to try them for me.


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2006-02-02 20:44

i can taste that

contact me at pinhead@netexplora.com


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2006-02-03 18:02

Hi wizzud,

would be glad, to help you.

I've installed the version "Quick.Cart 1.1" on my local server.

I'm waiting for the new plugin-versions, to go online whith my shop and the integrated plugins as quick as possible.

My eMail: info [at] webdesign-mp [dot] de



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2006-02-03 20:23

Okay, well since my version of the Product Attributes plugin is just a hack, I'll drop it now that you're up to date.

However, *raises hand* I'd be happy to help test.

copyright86 a.t gmail d.o.t com



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2006-02-03 20:31

Ashen, I would like to raise the notion that you could help in adding new features to qc. If you are capable, I'd like to suggest putting tracking numbers in the admin panel in the orders section.


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2006-02-04 12:33

any chance of being a tester?

info at syndikut dot org



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2006-02-04 17:00

yes, please, anzeigenmarkt at yahoo de

thxx a lot


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2006-02-05 00:42

in your instructions you refer to a file that does not exist




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2006-02-05 11:21

Perhaps I was a little unclear in my initial post, so let me add ...

These latest version 2.0 upgrades of the above plugins are NOT compatible with any version of Quick.Cart prior to v1.0!

"Why not?" I hear you ask.
Well, I originally started out by including a compatibility class in the Plugin Manager that was intended to accomodate the changes between v0.3.x and v1.0 of QC. That worked fine for Plugin Manager itself, but moving onto Template Edit and Product Attributes, I quickly discovered that it was making things over-complex because you still had to know when to use the compatibility class - it was not automatic. Also, the installation instructions became a nightmare, and I realised I was laying myself open to all sorts of support problems across versions of (a) the plugins themselves, and (b) the versions of QC they were being run on. Also, the class would probably have required continuous updating as QC version upgrades were released, and there was the question of its intended lifespan - how long and across what QC versions did I intend to support this compatibility class.
So, I scrapped the compatibility class and made the plugin upgrades specific to versions of QC greater than (or equal to) v1.0. I acknowledge that users with lower versions of QC will be missing out on any added functionality - in Product Attributes, particularly - but I think that is a problem inherent in the 'continuous improvement' philosophy of Open Source development, so learn to live with it.
And, before anyone thinks to ask: No, I will not be retro-fitting any added functionality from these v2.0 upgrades into previous plugin versions for lower QC versions!


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2006-02-07 11:34

I really wants to test them! Email me at patrikwesterberg[a]yahoo.se



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2006-02-07 14:27

I also, would be glad to help you.

I've installed the version "Quick.Cart 1.1" on my local server.

I'm waiting for the new plugin-versions, to go online whith my shop and the integrated plugins as quick as possible.

"Product Attributes requires Plugin Manager to be installed." ...
Were can I download that ? is this the new plugin manager???....
you wrote:

----Version 1.0 of Quick.Cart has now been released!
I now have no excuse not to get on with the plugin updates.
The major update in the pipeline is a brand new Plugin Manager, which will remove the need for editting configuration and language files when installing other plugins.
It will also provide the means for backwards compatibility, online configuration, and version control.
Alongside the Plugin Manager will be a Payments Gateway, which is intended to provide a standard interface for PSP plugins, such as PayPal and IDeal (which I have been working on) and any others that may be needed.
The htmlMailOrderDetails plugin will also be re-released in an updated format, using PHPMailer, and my other plugins will gradually be updated (and possibly enhanced) to fit in with the new Plugin Manager.

Its a lot to do, especially to maintain backwards compatibility across QC versions, and I have to earn a living at the same time, so please be patient ... and watch this space! ------

contact: erwin@321online.nl


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2006-02-07 14:41

hi wizzud,

yes, me too i like to test
email : marcopolo[at]unicum[dot]de



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2006-02-07 17:38

Erwin >>
It would seem reasonable that "...requires Plugin Manager ..." should refer to the new version seeing as how it was specifically mentioned only 5 lines previously!

Also, thanks for reminding me about my web page - I need to change it because the Plugin Manager WILL NOT be offering backwards compatibility for versions of QC prior to 1.0, as I've mentioned in the post above.


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2006-02-13 22:25

I also can help you :)

email: dbaj@poczta.fm


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2006-02-14 10:31

can you tell me where to download them or my email is
i am full time in my shop and will open in these few day.


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2006-02-15 16:29

Please mail it to me aswell Wizzud, I´ve got QC 1.2 installed on my server and would really need Product Attribute to work with that! Email me at ztocko@hotmail.com

Thank you!!



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2006-02-15 20:21

I just installed Q.C 1.2 and was in the process of tweaking the productAttributes 1.0 code to get it to work on the new Q.C version, when I stumbled upon this thread. I would love to beta-test the productAttributes plugin (and other plugins, too). I am an moderate experienced PHP developer :)

Hope hearing from you soon - Dennis

nubster21 -at- yahoo -dot- com

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