Quick.Cart release with all plugins/plugin mgr installed?


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2006-01-28 02:30

It would really help out a whole lot if someone could take the legwork out of installing these plugins and the plugin manager. Of course I understand quick cart is made to not be bloated with crap, but perhaps at least an install with the following things that most people install anyway.

plugin manager
paypal gateway
template editor (css, header, footer, etc)
product attributes


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2006-01-28 13:06

There is a loaded version available for QCv0.3.0.
There is not yet a loaded version available for QCv1.0+ for the simple reason that the plugins have not yet been updated for the new version!

[As a point of information, the new Plugin Manager (when completed and tested) will hopefully make installation and configuration of some of the other plugins a lot simpler.]

Patience is a virtue ...

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