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2006-01-12 17:35


How can i put in some fields, where you can choose among sizes (L, XL, S, M and so on), Amount (1,2,3,4,5...). and a way to put in a max for each item in each color and size.


Note: If you are danish, please contact me at larsjuul3 @


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2006-01-12 19:30

for sizes/colors and other attributes, you need to use the Product Attributes plugin. It is not yet updated for v1.0 yet.

go to the following link for a discussion about upgrading it:

If you are interested, you could also help with that, especially with testing and bug tracking.


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2006-01-12 22:21

Hi Arpan!

Thanks for the answer!

I'm sorry to tell you, that i am definetly NOT into PHP coding..:)
Byt again, thanks!

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