Update from 0.3.0/0.3.1 to 1.0 - instruction

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2006-01-08 07:53

Convert database files to new structure

1. Download file from "downloads" named: ''converter_v0.3.1-v1.0.zip''
2. Unpack and copy all files to directory where You have Your shop.
3. Follow instructions from file howTo.txt

To check new structure of database go to "downloads" and check file "v1.0_db.gif"

Most plugins that You have installed in Your cart v0.3.0 or v0.3.1 will not work corectly or even can be dangerous in cart v1.0.

There is no script that copy graphic from old to new templates files. You should copy/create graphic to new version.
We think that templates are now simply and small.

Language file
Now we have translaton to 2-3 languages. Language file from older version will not work correctly in version 1.0. If You will create new language file to v1.0 please send it to us on e-mail: info [at] opensolution [dot] org

sorry for my english...



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2006-01-08 13:31

Treewood << To close all the loops, can you release similar tool for QC versions 0.2.x?


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2006-01-09 14:44

Thanks Treewood , I will try.

Alpa :)


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2006-01-09 21:35

I'm send in the DUTCH (NL) translation 2 times, and it's still not in the download section, so please check your mail boxes !

Dutch Support Team Quick.Cart

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2006-01-10 06:39

Floyds - thx i must give Your email to white list



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2006-10-31 15:35

Mozna po polsku?

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