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2004-11-21 06:25

I have a working solution for Paypal.

Here's a working demo:

Contact me if you are interested in purchasing the template.

20% of all proceeds will be donated to Open Solution.


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2005-07-14 07:46

your link doesn't work


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2005-10-19 14:18

I can see why you want to make money on your template! Can't imagine loads of money coming in from your shop eh eh eh. Do "people" actually buy that stuff??? :-)



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2005-10-20 09:43

This is freeware...
There is also a free solution for payment with paypal.
Why ask money?

to do or not to do


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2005-10-23 09:47

I think that if someone want to sell plugin that save time and add functions to the cart it is good & right,
and i wish there will be someone that can give a service to the cart with reasonable payment, it would be very helpful


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2005-10-23 19:16

webscouts the link and the mail are erroneous,
please contact me with regard to the solution -
paypal and credit card payment


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2005-10-26 03:32

Can i have the paypal solution plz?? email me k if you say yes okay?



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2005-10-26 09:19

Apparently nobody notices that the initial message is nearly 2 years old. Don't bother asking him or replying to Webscouts.


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2005-11-05 06:41

Hi Guys

Go further back in the forum and you will find the solution for free. Don't ever pay money to someone who wants to earn money on open Soution.

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