"Basket is empty" :-(


Avatar: Toulousaing

2021-04-03 18:46

Just installed QC Free.
I set the required protections on files and folders, I successfully created some products and "enabled" them, but when I wish to place an order, I always reach a "basket is empty" page.
What did I miss, please?

» Quick.Cart v6.x

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2021-04-07 07:35

I have added some products on your website. The basket works fine


Avatar: lococoal

2021-04-10 20:33

Check you have the padlock showing in the address bar.
I had it where the padlock was on all pages but basket one ( that had the (i) )
I could not find any errors anywhere, in the end l cleared ,htaccess and re-entered the code forcing https


Avatar: juhamk

2022-07-29 16:52

i have the same problem. new installation, www.suprokem.fi/new doesnt even work that either.


Avatar: juhamk

2022-07-29 16:54

update. works with edge, not with chrome nor opera gx.

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