Avatar: Ancestral

2019-09-06 14:50

I have upload my Quick Cms v6.6.
a Question: define( 'DEVELOPER_MODE', true )

must to be DEVELOPER_MODE', true or must to be DEVELOPER_MODE', null ????

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Avatar: openzibi

2019-09-07 14:16
Please find define( 'DEVELOPER_MODE', true ); and read instruction.
There you can find information for what developer mode is useful for.

Maybe this texts from instruction helps you:

1. When a final version of a website is published on a server, it's good to disable this option (by commenting the definition line).
To comment a line add // characters in front of the code. So after commenting the line should look like this: //define( 'DEVELOPER_MODE', true );

2. Of course you can yourself configure the script to restrict your customer's access to whatever options you want. Look for the if( !defined( 'DEVELOPER_MODE' ) ){ code in the configuration file. Below that code you will find a list of variables responsible for disabling functions in the script when the developer mode is disabled.

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