Sending orders - saving changes


Avatar: Tata55

2018-03-05 09:48

Here (test/test) I have installed the e-shop. Everything works fine till the last step in the order. Without any warning the order is accepted and I see the summary. But:
1. no email is sent neither to the admin nor the customer - the advanced setting (details to customer) are correct.
2. Reviewing the orders, I want to change e.g. the status or whatever else - I get the Warning "Enter correct value"

What's wrong?

» Quick.Cart v6.x



Avatar: Roni

2018-03-07 11:49

Maybe there is some error which is not displayed (low error reporting set in your config or server).
Check server requirements for Cart:
It you can - try different hosting provider or change PHP version.
Unfortunately servers can have sometimes strange configuration.

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