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Avatar: Orlando123

2017-10-19 01:35

Hy !
I want to to set a new theme and template for home page by creating a new theme.

The new theme will be named Mainpage
The Mainpage will be a page with products so in the mainpage will be displayed products vith image , title , a short text under the title price and the add to basket button
Normally in the Mainpage the short text is the Description Short but I want to modify that and the short text after the title to be The Meta Keyword of the product not the description short of the product.
I need this modification to avoid duplicate content between the Home page and the category page of the products which will be displayed simultaneously in the Home page and in the category page
How can I do that?

And the second modification
In the Home page I want the short description to be displayed in the top of the page and the long description to be displayed in the bottom of the page

Thank you in advance !

» Quick.Cart v6.x

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