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Avatar: johnboy2017

2017-05-13 14:01

English: Hi all i am just asking to see if there is a way of editing the email invoice that customers get please to make it look a bit better if so which file is it i need to go in to make the changes please

Polish: Cześć wszystkim, po prostu pytam, czy jest jakiś sposób na edycję faktury e-mailowej, którą klienci otrzymują, aby wyglądało to trochę lepiej, jeśli tak to jest, muszę iść, aby wprowadzić zmiany.

i have used google to translate what i was saying as i only speak english i hope you can understand

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Avatar: boboo

2017-05-13 17:20

E-mails are "created" in the function: sendEmailWithOrderDetails
in the core/orders.php file.

As You can see, the sections are divided by "\n------------\n"
(\n means: new line)
And the: "Content-type: text/plain" says, the e-mail is unformatted, just plain text only.
If You want to make it nice, set the content-type to text/html.
(read more here:

And now, having html as e-mail format, You can do nearly everything to make the e-mail nice and beautiful

boboo :-)

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