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2005-10-13 14:14

Does any one have a news plug in?
Just like random product and latest product a small piece of code were the last 5 news items are listed... and a way to make an entry through the admin...


to do or not to do


Avatar: nam

2005-10-13 16:42

yeah, this would be very useful, as many shops/companies will have some news item that they want to display to the public, and be able to enter the info via the admin panel quickly and without messing with the code...

I tried this mayself a few months ago but not being an expert in PHP coding got stuck, so I thought I'd leave it to the experts...

treewood/wizzud - how about this plugin in the v1.0 release of Quick.cart?

there is no try - there is only do or do not...

treewood (OpenSolution)

Avatar: treewood

2005-10-13 20:00

nam - you can use subpages / subcategories like a news ... create 3 subcategories and change tpl files to show them like a news

Category (NEWS)
- subcategory - news 1
- subcategory - news 2
- subcategory - news 3


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2005-10-13 23:30

maybe something like in this link-


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2005-10-14 08:15

Yes Julia,

can you do this from the admin of is this a shell around quickcart?

I want this under the random product en last product...
see the link.

I prefer the maximum width of 780px...

to do or not to do


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2005-10-14 08:16

do you still have the code? I also not an programmer but perhaps it works...

to do or not to do

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