ONE Page Design


Avatar: coob

2016-10-15 18:58

Hi Folks

I personally think the quick.cart is the solution that i need for our website. But our design knowledge is very limited!

I am looking for someone who can make a non-shop looking design, something like a a one page design as a fron tend and then a shop in the background!

If anyone is interested feel free to contact me.

» Quick.Cart v6.x


Manish Patil

Avatar: Manish Patil

2017-02-09 17:20

Do you want some photo on first page and then on clicking something or enter, then the visitor should enter the website?
contact me at indiamanishpatil (at)

Manish Patil


Avatar: coob

2017-07-01 18:28

i contact you but no answer on email from you

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