show new added field in orders and also in mail checkout


Avatar: vger

2016-07-29 18:30

Dear team,

I've followed your plugin "productsNewField".
So far so good, as I could insert a field named "Vendor" (if PC, i.e., can be "Apple", "HP" and so on).

But what I could not find out, is how to see this new field also in the order product list tab (in admin, at checkout, in the sent out mail to admin and buyer).
I would like to see "vendor", together with id, name, quantity, price, total.

Do you have any "extra how-to" for this step?

In forum got confused as many topic referenced to old quick.cart versions and different files.

Thanks in advance for any help.

» Quick.Cart v6.x

Mario Mariolini

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